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Request for Invitation Letter:

For those authors who need to apply for entry visas to Singapore, please download and fill up the invitation letter. And, email the completed letter to ming.xie@robotics.sg who will sign and mail the signed letter back to you by post.


ICIRA2009 will be held in Orchard Hotel, which is located in the downtown area. Restaurants, shopping malls and subway stations are all within walking distance.


The easiest way of reaching Singapore is by air. Singapore is an air-hub, which is well-served by many reputable airlines. We also have a budget terminal for traverllers of budget airlines.

The air-tickets from Tiger Airway is very attractive. For instance, if you make the booking in advance, the round-trip air-ticket between Singapore and Guangzhou (or Shenzhen, or Macau) is about RMB2000. For more detail, do booking from http://www.tigerairways.com.sg


About Singapore:

Situated at one of the most important crossroads of the world, Singapore is truly a place where East and West come together. The Republic’s geographical location (between latitudes 109’N & 129’N and longitudes 10338’E & 10405’E) has long been instrumental in Singapore’s growth as an important centre in trade, tourism and communications.


Singapore has a mild tropical climate throughout the year. Temperatures reach a maximum of 32-33C during the day, falling to a pleasant 23-25C during evening hours. Relative humidity often exceeds 90 percent at night and in early hours of the morning shortly before sunrise. On dry afternoons it is usually between 60 and 70 percent. Rainfall is most abundant during the Northeast Monsoon season from November to January. Much of the rain falls in sudden showers.


What to wear:

The climate encourages informal dressing and few places require a jacket and tie for gentlemen. Visitors should bring the lightest of summer wear. For men, open-necked shirts and lightweight tropical slacks are ideal. For formal functions, lounge suites for gentlemen are also recommended. Lightweight summer dresses, slacks and tops will be suitable for day wear for ladies. All hotels and shopping centres are air-conditioned, so a long sleeve shirt for men and a light wrap for ladies is advisable, especially in the evening.


Population and Languages:

In Singapore, you will find Chinese, Indian, Malay and Eurasian Communities living harmoniously together, their long established cultures forming a unique backdrop to a clean and modern garden city. There are four official languages: English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. English is spoken everywhere and it is the common business language of all.



Public transportation, including buses and the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system provides access for visitors to most areas of the island. You can buy a Transit-Link card, which can be used on the MRT and buses.

There are many taxis, which can be hired from the taxi stands, roadside or booking by telephone. A booking fee is usually charged when hired by telephone. There is also a surcharge for trips starting from the Changi Airport. You may wish to take the Airport Shuttle to almost all hotels within the city from Changi Airport. The operating hours and fares of the shuttle service can be obtained at the airport shuttle counters located at the arrival hall of Changi Aiport Terminal 1 and 2. Payment is made to the driver who will accept cash, major credit cards and charge cards.



The unit of currency is the Singapore dollar. (US$1.00 = Approx. S$1.45)


Credit/Charge Card:

Credit cards are widely accepted in Singapore. Hotels, retailers, restaurants, travel agents and even some taxis readily accept international credit cards.


Food & Shopping:

Singapore is the culinary capital of Southeast Asia, and eating out in Singapore is an experience few will forget. You can eat out at open-air food stalls or dine in the plushest of restaurants at world-class hotels. In terms of sheer variety, Singapore probably has no rival. Singapore’s immigrant population and visitors from all over the world have brought a staggering array of cuisine and cooking skills as well as having created unique blends of their own.

Hawker centers and traditional coffee shop dishes rarely cost more than S$3 to S$4 each whereas dishes sold at food courts (air-conditioned and usually located at shopping centers are slightly more expensive). A meal and a soft drink in a fast food outlet cost S$4 to S$7, whereas restaurants can cost anything from S$10 to S$120 per person, depending upon where you dine and what you order. Tipping is not expected in any of Singapore’s food or entertainment outlets. Most establishments will add to your bill a 10% service charge, a Good Services Tax (GST) of 3% and in most establishments, a 1% cess tax. Additional tipping is at your discretion.


Singapore was founded on the principle of free trade, and even today, most goods are sold duty-free. An endless range of goods from all over the world is available at prices that are often lower than those in the country of manufacture. Air-conditioned shopping complexes, department stores, emporiums and shopping arcades allow visitors to shop in comfort. Most of these places stay open till 9.30pm daily.


Travel Documents:

Visitors must have passport valid for three months from the time of arrival. Visas are not required for a stay of up to 14 days for Commonwealth citizens, British passport holders and citizens of the Republic of Ireland. As regulations may change from time to time, visitors should check the latest visa requirements from the Singapore Overseas Mission in your country or may refer to the web page of Singapore Immigration at http://www.mha.gov.sg/sir/travel_tips/visareqs.html.



Singapore’s voltage for electricity is 220 - 240 volts AC, 50 cycles per second.


Tourist Information:

For more information, please visit the Singapore On-Line Guide: http://www.travel.com.sg/sog


Useful Phone Numbers:

Police 999 (no charge)

Ambulance / Fire Brigade – Emergency 995 (no charge)

Ambulance – Non-Emergency 1777

Taxi Service (24 hours)      6552-1111, or 6481-1211, or 6553-3880

Singapore Tourism Board (STB) 6736-6622

Website – http://www.stb.com.sg/

Automobile Association of Singapore 6737-2444

AA Road Service (24 hours) 6748-9911

International Calls 104


Uniquely Singapore:

Unique is the word that best captures Singapore - a dynamic, cosmopolitan city-state where different cultures, ethnic groups and religions blend harmoniously. A bridge between the East and the West for centuries, Singapore, located in the heart of fascinating Southeast Asia, continues to embrace tradition and modernity today.

Brimming with unbridled energy and bursting with exciting events, the city-state offers countless unique memorable experiences waiting to be discovered.
Only in Singapore can you

-    Feast around the clock and savour mouth-watering dishes not found anywhere else, with settings ranging from a cable car to a riverboat along the Singapore River…

-    Get your hands on the latest buys from luxury labels or shop for basement bargains at 4am in the morning….

-    Have breakfast with an orang utan, learn about the Chinese tea ceremony and watch a Broadway musical all in one day…

-    Get catapulted 60 metres into the air on a reverse bungy ride or board an amphibious “duck” to explore the city…

-    Dive with sharks, get up close and personal with cheetahs or enjoy a high-tea buffet 70 storeys in the air…

-    Luxuriate in a garden spa a stone’s throw from the best business facilities in the world…

-    Take a step back in time and visit a Chinese temple, Muslim mosque, Hindu temple and Christian church all in one neighbourhood…

-    Mingle with local youths along Orchard Road and pick up the latest fashion tips and amusing local catch phrases…


Singapore – truly a city like no other. With its friendly and welcoming people, state-of-the-art infrastructure and something new happening every day, Singapore is so easy to appreciate. Come and discover countless unique experiences, and take away memories that are uniquely Singapore.

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